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We remove the complexity and resource issues required to effectively optimise SKU level campaigns across AdWords, Bing, Display, Remarketing, Google Shopping, affiliates and marketplaces at scale and in real-time, using one platform. Whether you have 50 or 100,000 SKU, our proprietary technology can automate the optimisation process - whether its monitoring product inventory levels and changing the status of campaigns or dynamically injecting prices into ads, our technology can adapt to any business criteria to align to your marketing objectives.  

By adopting a data-driven approach, we combine structured data with technical know-how to not only make sure we are targeting your right audience, but to drive greater efficiencies across your media buying strategy. With a successful global footprint working with some of the largest brands and publishers is one of the reasons why we can offer performance guaranteed!

There are many digital agencies out there who promise the world, however there aren't many who can actually deliver REAL performance and exceed your business goals - whether it's maximising leads or driving sales revenue. At Pais Media, we thrive on delivering business outcomes and solving real business problems to help facilitate commercial growth and long-term success. 

3 reasons why you should engage pais media


By leveraging our own proprietary data intelligence technology and combining this with 1st party audience insights, we are able to deliver superior campaign performance compared to your current strategy. It's our unique approach to digital execution is what sets us apart from other digital agencies in order to drive a scalable, cost-effective and results driven marketing strategy. 


We don't employ graduates or account executives, but rather maintain an experienced team of digital and technical specialists to enable us to focus on delivering performance for our clients in a fast pace environment. Our digital specialist understand the entire digital ecosystem, from sophisticated tracking configurations, data analytics and web programming to multi-channel strategy and execution - so our clients only have the very best on their side.  


We pride ourselves on delivering a professional and proactive approach to our clients - no matter how big or small, as we believe these are the foundations of a great partnership in achieving incredible growth together. Providing first class delivery of digital marketing, web development and data intelligence services to both small and leading ASX listed brands, our success in achieving strong growth for our clients is a reflection of the company we keep.

a proven technology that works

campaign automation

 We are able to update the status of product level campaigns based on current stock levels and inject dynamic pricing into ads in real-time, saving you time whilst also significantly reducing wasted budget.


inventory management

Using 1st party data, our engineers can build structured, and up-to-date data feeds to enable you to leverage your entire product range across your marketing channels, dynamically, at scale and in real-time

data intelligence

Want to know your competitor's pricing or simply how much inventory they have compared to you? We can provide it all and much more. All we need is your business criteria and we can provide the insights you've been craving.

delivering growth for australia's largest publishers and brands

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We provide all the ingredients you need to help you significantly increase your leads, sales or revenue via the most powerful digital platforms. By overlaying and leveraging our proprietary campaign automation technology for ecommerce, we will guarantee that we can reduced wasted media budget to drive greater efficiencies across your digital performance channels. Sounds interesting? Please feel free to reach out below for an obligation free consultation today!

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